Shamanic Reiki Gift Certificate (LA & NYC)


BIO:Tamika Rivera came into the world as an elder and lives it through the heart of a child. She is, a direct descendent of the Taino people of Puerto Rico She takes a playful approach in spreading her healing work around the world. She is a certified reiki/shamanic reiki practitioner and has studied Celtic, Siberian, South American, and shamanic practices with Llyn Roberts and John Perkins.

Tamika created Therapy (2001-2009), a creative community market place and healing Center in Brooklyn NY, which launched a 10-year exploration and spiritual teachings into the pathways of true potentiality. Tamika has a full time private practice in NYC and LA

I am honored to share this light work with you to awaken
your own power, allow your vision to unfold your true potential, and provide a mystical and loving space to heal.
Let love light your way…Tamika

Tamika's treatments are like acupuncture without the needles. She can move your energy in and around your body, enabling you to heal from within.
Graphic designer
Los Angeles CA

My Reiki experience was awesome.... I felt colored light.... It was beautiful.... Thanks Tamika
Fashion designer
Los Angeles CA

I have had some of my most profound healing experiences in Tamika's capable hands. I look to her to help me move large energy blocks or open new channels. She's an amazing healer and teacher
Jewelry designer/spiritual intuitive
Los Angeles CA

Tamika has a Gentle Power that Really Soothes Your Soul!
Jewelry designer

Tamika has an amazing gift. She is ready for all situations and always is prepared for anything that may come her way. More than anything Tamika is an amazing nurturer. I for one felt safe when she was around. She has provided me proof that healing is necessary. Xoxo
Health Educator
Brooklyn, NY

Tamika is a genuine individual who truly cares about what it means to be present in the here and now. Her realizations to the nature of things, especially to herself and with an affinity to nature, resonate with her in every moment. Her presence ignites the hearts of all who is around her.
LMT, Reiki Master, Cranio sacral
Brooklyn NY


  • New intake session
  • 2 hour session
  • shamanic Reiki session