Heart Light Experience is an offering of sacred objects  to let light lead the way into your heart. Creator,Tamika Rivera is a Brooklyn artist/ designer with a mission to spread healing through creation. Inspired by the human experience, nature, and native cultures around the world she is guided to create one of kind modern sacred objects.

Cuyo, meaning “light”, is a line of sustainable accessories and TAPA (kaendl) is a 100% soy wax candle / organic soap line. Her playful approach to sculpture and design is an expression of the light that is seen in all-living things. Making her part time studio in the hills of Echo Park a perfect landscape for her new work.

Tamika created Therapy (2001-2009), an artist community market place and healing center in Brooklyn NY.  She has recently rooted part time in LA and Brooklyn. She is a certified shamanic Reiki practitioner and has studied Celtic, Siberian, and South American shamanic practices with Llyn Roberts and John Perkins. She has a private practice, teaches workshops, and has volunteered her services in Switzerland, France, NY, Mexico, California, and Arizona.

Her work has been showcased:
Makers Market (Sculpture Park, NY), Architectural Digest Show (NY), Beautiful dreamers (NY), Spartan (SF/PDX/ATX), Driftwood (CA), Dream collective (CA), and LA times (CA).